Graffiti Guard Clean Wall Guarantee

Fixed Price - Hassle Free


The Graffiti Guard Clean Wall Guarantee is a 12-month service contract that makes your graffiti concerns our graffiti concerns.

The Graffiti Guard Clean Wall Guarantee is perfect for properties subjected to repeated graffiti attack, and for property owners and property managers who prefer predictable fixed OPEX. We can work with you at the end of your financial year end to ensure your forecasting is spot on.

We can provide a full inspection service on a regular agreed upon schedule – you won’t need to phone in and will always be assured of a clean building.

  • Unlimited access to all our experienced operators
  • No limit to the number of call-outs per annum
  • No restriction on who can access our services
  • No surprise hidden charges

When it comes to the facilities management of your property assets, the Clean Wall Guarantee makes sense.



Quick response across Greater Auckland area.


One annual fee – and with one call we’ll manage it all.


Each plan is designed to meet your requirements.


No Limit to the number of call-outs per annum.

Fast, Worry Free Graffiti Removal

We know you’ve got better things to do than worry about graffiti.  Our goal is to dramatically reduce the number of complaints you receive as a result of graffiti vandalism.

Our graffiti removal service operates 24/7 to eliminate graffiti from affected areas and return them to their original state. We do not damage the original surface and all our products are environmentally friendly.

Some reasons why it makes sense to invest in Graffiti Guard’s Clean Wall Guarantee:

  • Fast response – give us a call to organise quick removal of graffiti with one of our specialist operators.
  • No callout limits – whether your property is damaged by graffiti monthly, weekly, or even daily, we will be there. We provide an unlimited number of callouts per year.
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Graffiti Removal from Heritage Site
Graffiti Guard Inspection Service

Graffiti Inspection Service

For some businesses, damage by tagging and graffiti is an ongoing concern; other businesses have buildings or infrastructure that is not visited often.  We can provide a full inspection service on a regular agreed-upon schedule.  You won’t need to phone us – we will probably have any graffiti damage removed before you even know about it.

We also offer full a graffiti management consultancy  and an extensive range of graffiti protection services.

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