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Graffiti Guard Asset Protect have been in the Graffiti Management sector for over 45 years.  In that time, we have seen almost every type of graffiti attack on every type of building and infrastructure substrate – and we have developed cost effective and efficient products and techniques to combat them.

We also offer a full graffiti management consultancy service, because preventing graffiti is always easier to manage than remediating an unprotected surface.


Give Graffiti Guard Asset Protect a call and we will come and talk about how we can work together to be proactive in preventing graffiti damage to your commercial property.  This initial on-site graffiti audit includes:

  • Identification of vulnerable hot-spots and provision of digital photographic evidence,
  • Full evaluation and recommendation to stop offenders accessing areas,
  • The creation of a Graffiti Management Plan
  • The implementation of your Graffiti Prevention Strategy which will enable you to be proactive in preventing graffiti attack,
  • Assistance in identification of offenders and prosecution where possible.

Our graffiti prevention experts will produce and implement a Graffiti Management Plan tailored exclusively for your business or commercial premises.

If you have been a victim of ongoing graffiti, you will notice an immediate decrease in graffiti damage, save money on graffiti clean-up, and enjoy a graffiti-free environment.


Shopping malls and town centres are prime targets for graffiti attacks and posters.  We oversee the graffiti management for a number of shopping districts and buildings including Botany Town Centre, Dominion Road, Takanini Village, Onehunga Main Street, Van den Brinks and the University of Auckland.

The property managers of these businesses wish to prevent graffiti damage before it occurs so their commercial areas always look clean and inviting to customers.  In response to their concerns, our graffiti management experts visited and recommended a number of graffiti prevention measures including:

  • Security lighting, alarms, and cameras,
  • Regular security patrols of graffiti hot-spots,
  • Fencing or landscaping to shield vulnerable areas,
  • Protective coatings on susceptible areas.


Taggers can be devious and adventurous – that makes some areas, especially isolated buildings or infrastructure, particularly susceptible to graffiti attack.

As a part of the customised Graffiti Management Plan for your commercial premises, we can initiate programmed inspections of graffiti hot-spots and carry out immediate graffiti clean-up when required.  Chances are, the affected property will be back to looking like new before you even know it was damaged.

If it’s time for your business to get proactive about graffiti and poster protection, give us a call.


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