Anti-Graffiti Coatings


As a cost-effective alternative to paint-outs and removal from unprotected surfaces, you should consider the benefits of protective coatings. Removals from unprotected substrates are costly, can cause damage and may not be possible to remove.

To combat the vast range of paint and markers used in graffiti attacks, Graffiti Guard has developed a specialist range of products over the past 45+ years.

We can protect all surfaces, painted or unpainted; from wood, to concrete, granite, plastics, metals and brick.

Graffiti Guard Services offer Sacrificial Coatings and Permanent Coatings which can be either clear or pigmented.

Be proactive against graffiti vandalism and protect your asset before an attack so that any unsightly graffiti can be easily and completely removed. It has been proven that speedy removal of graffiti minimises the chance of further attacks.

Graffiti Guard has the solution for the protection and easy removal of graffiti from your building and infrastructure assets anywhere in New Zealand.

We have a full range of long-lasting, environmentally-friendly, coatings to protect your property assets against graffiti damage.  Our range of protective coatings is suitable for most surfaces including:

  • Porous surfaces, including:
    • Stone
    • Concrete
    • Brickwork
    • Even bare timber
  • Non-porous surfaces, including:
    • Metal
    • Stainless steel
    • Painted surfaces
    • Vinyl and plastics

Take action before the damage occurs.  The proper graffiti protection coating, when correctly applied, will eliminate the need for costly repainting, repairs and labour-intensive cleaning.


The advantages of applying a Graffiti Guard Ltd protective coat to your building assets include:

  • Makes graffiti removal simple,
  • Graffiti removal leaves no ghosting or shadowing,
  • With a non-sacrificial product, graffiti can be removed multiple times,
  • Saves time and money when graffiti removal required,
  • Is a cost-effective alternative to repainting damaged surfaces,
  • Speeds up graffiti removal – immediate graffiti removal deters repeat attacks,
  • Totally transparent – no change in colour or appearance of coated surface,
  • High weather resistance – resistant to UV and salt-spray,
  • Helps protect surfaces from dirt and pollution,
  • Durable –can provide many years of protection.


  • Sacrificial coatings are designed for porous surfaces. They are sacrificed during the graffiti removal process and subsequently re-instated to the localised area.
  • Permanent coatings are designed for non-porous surfaces. They can withstand any number of removals and remain intact during graffiti removal.

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